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Printing, Packaging and Plastic - Packaging Materials

Vuega Packaging Industries | United Arab Emirates

Vuega Packaging Industries is a leading supplier of industrial & consumer packaging solutions in UAE. Based in Dubai, a leading international logistics hub, Vuega is well positioned in catering to clients around the world. Ensuring the highest quality in production & distribution, Vuega prides itself in a loyal base of delighted customers.

Vuega Packaging Industries
Products/Services : Vuega stretch films, Pre-Stretch Films, Vuega Power Stretch Film, Vuega Plus

Stratex Engineering | United Arab Emirates

The   Stratex    company   was  founded  in  2002  in  response  to  the  urgent  needs  of   Western   humanitarian    aid    organizations   in    Central    Asia.
Recently   the   organized   subsidiary STRATEX Engineering with the cooperation of European  companies   has  directed  its  efforts  towards   the   needs   of    developing   countries of   Central,  Middle   Asia  and   East   Africa  for   shipping   of   Packing   Equipment  and materials  for   food,   beverages,   household  chemicals   and   cooking   oil   industry.

“Stratex   Engineering  is   currently   operating   in   Central   Asian   and   CIS  Markets,  in 2011   we  are   expanded   to   Gulf   and   African Regions"

Stratex   Engineering
Products/Services : packaking materials used in our technologies like labelles, PET preforms, plastic closures etc.

Mansa Print & Publishers Ltd | India

Mansa Print & Publishers Ltd (MPPL) was established in 2003.With that started a journey which saw a humble beginning and within 9 years MPPL has crossed various milestones vis-a-vis exceptional performance, quality consciousness, commitment orientation & competitive pricing at printing & packaging solutions especially in mono cartons, paper printing, corrugation, aluminum foil (blister foil), aluminum collapsible tube & corporate & school stationery for our esteemed clients, thereby making us “a one stop solution for all printing & packaging needs” with an annual turnover of 40 crore & aspiring for 100 Crore by 2012-13. Our printing services are renowned across the country for being reliable, qualitative and timely.

Mansa Print & Publishers Ltd
Products/Services : Stationery Products, Printing & Publishing, Packaging etc


Information concerning ELSTER PACKAGING INDUSTRIES LLC was collected from both public and private databases, as well as targeted internet websites and media publications. Furthermore an interview with senior company personnel or a member of ELSTER PACKAGING INDUSTRIES LLC was conducted to obtain any additional information and confirm data already retrieved.

Products/Services : Packaging,Cord Strap,PP Strap,Stretch Film,Adhesive Tape

Galor Industries | India

Galor Industries is an export company based in Mumbai, India. Specialized in a wide range of product categories to cater the evolving needs of our esteemed clients. Currently, engaged in exporting of agriculture products, areca product, garments, pharmaceutical packaging products and plastic products.

We also provide export – import services for our local as well as global clients. Our local clients include manufacturer’s and farmers. Due many reasons, these manufacturer’s and farmers are unable to export their products directly, thus we assist such clients by undertaking complete responsibility to export their products. We assist global client by sourcing quality products for them in Indian market and deliver it to them at their desired location. This way we can help local manufacturer grow efficiently and effectively and help global buyers in getting quality Indian products at reasonable prices.
We have forge strategic partnership with various manufacturers, which enables us to meet our clients specific requirement. We can supply products either in our brand or do private labels for them.

At Galor Industries, we always strive to build lasting business partnerships with our clients by offering the best value proposition for the trade. We make sure to delight our client with our Quality Products, Timely Delivery, Precise Communication & Professional Approach.
Products/Services : agriculture products, areca product, garments, pharmaceutical packaging products and plastic products

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