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Printing, Packaging and Plastic - Ink jet printers and materials

Lohia Group | India

LOHIA GROUP, promoted by a well known business family of North India, diversified from traditional business and ventured into manufacture of high-tech machines way back in mid '70s. Lohia Group, has a long tradition of excellence is currently active in machinery, mechanical sub-contracting, textiles and engineering plastics. Few of their mastered domains include Extrusion Plants for polypropylene filament yarns, Weaving, Winding and Slitting Machinery. The Group enjoys tremendous amount of goodwill and reputation on account of its quality standards.

Lohia Group
Products/Services : Printing Machine, Tape Winders etc

PT. Inkjet Original | Indonesia

Dedicated to supplying products for wide format printer, is the e-commerce store for PT. Inkjet Original, world leader in alternative inks for wide format inkjet printing. Founded in 2007, PT. Inkjet Original manufacturers and distributes inkjet inks, cartridges, Print head, and Printer boards for use on wide format printers and inkjet dry labs.

PT. Inkjet Original has been supplying inkjet screen separation products since its inception, initially through several label distributors. Roland ink catridges are central to our product range for screen printers and are known for their superior light blocking characteristics, high print speeds, scratch resistance, and printer reliability. Roland ink catridges has helped thousands of screen printing companies produce better screens at considerable cost savings compared to OEM products.

PT. Inkjet Original is a one stop shop for inkjet screen separation supplies. Cartridges and bulk inks are available for most popular Epson desk top and wide format printer models as well as i2i Absolute HD film, a high quality inkjet separation film at very competitive pricing. The company also supplies many useful printer accessories such as cleaning cartridges and fluids, and maintenance tank recycle kits that enable full waste tanks to be repeatedly reused on Epson wide format printers. All products ship both domestically and internationally from our dedicated warehouse in the Surabaya suburbs.

The philosophy is to supply the most advanced and reliable products at the best pricing backed by a customer service experience second to none. All products are exhaustive tested for both performance and printer reliability during the development process, and all cartridges are individually printer tested before shipping. This site has many useful and informative guides for installing and using products, and a dedicated team of inkjet professionals is always on hand to assist or advise on the printer conversion or use. Please feel to contact us at any time.
PT. Inkjet Original
Products/Services : Printhead, OEM Ink Cartridges, Printer

PT. Inkjet Printerhead | Indonesia

PT. Inkjet Printerhead is an authorized professional reseller and leading distributor of wide format inkjet printers & parts. Such as: Inkjet Printhead, Inkjet Cartridges, dye sublimation inks and accessories.

PT. Inkjet Printerhead is comprised of manufacturer-trained technicians and sales professionals that are experienced in production and know what constitutes graphics compatibility. We specialize in providing the newest and most trusted equipment, quality consumables and dependable service to clients throughout the Indonesia and abroad.
PT. Inkjet Printerhead
Products/Services : Printhead, ink cartridges, mainboard, cr motor

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