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Printing, Packaging and Plastic  Category

   Packaging Machinery

   Ink jet printers and materials


   Packaging Materials

   Publishing and services

   Hopper Dryer

   Paper and Cardboard Containers

   UV Curing Systems


   Packaging Plant Systems

   Digital and on-demand printing


   Wrapping and strapping

   Screen printing

   Mixing Equipment

   Tapes/Plastic Film/Pallets

   Folding and drilling


   Warehousing Equipment

   Marking, labeling

   PVC Products

   Food Packaging

   Graphic arts supplies

   Chemicals Plant and Machinery

   Pharmaceuticals Packaging

   All kinds of inks


   Bag Making Machinery

   Glues and Adhesives

   Scrap, Recycling Equipment

   Material Handling Equipment

   Plastics and Rubber


   Sealing machinery

   Raw Materials



   Plastics and Rubber resins


   Plastics Films

   Plastics and Rubber Compounds



   Rubber and synthetic fibers

   Cutting / Bending / Folding / Edge

   All kinds of Printing Machinery

   Plastic and Rubber Additives

   Welding Equipment

   Printing Material


   Plastic Testing and Measuring Equipment

   Binders, Finishers

   Blow Molding Machines

   Pre and Post Processing Machine

   Coding, Numbering

   Injection Molding Machines

   Plastic and rubber painting machines

   Die making and Cutting supplies

   Extrusion Line

   Plastic and Rubber Processing Machinery

   Offset Printing

Danube General Trading | United Arab Emirates

Products/Services : Manufacturers For Luxury Paper Bag, Boxes, Wrapping Paper And Tissue

Clearpack Middle East Limited | United Arab Emirates

Products/Services : Trading in packaging machinery and related materialsprinting and re-packing of plastic wrappingmaterials

Emirates Indl Converting Factory | United Arab Emirates

Products/Services : Manufacturers Of Plastic, Tissue Paper Products & Packaging Materials

Eurogulf Packaging & Adhesives Fzc | United Arab Emirates

Products/Services : Manufacture Of Adhesive Tapes

Al-Muqarram Industry | United Arab Emirates

Established in 2000, Al Muqarram Industry has proved itself as one of the U.A.E most upcoming manufacturer of high quality Industrial Silicone Sealant, Pressure SensitiveAdhesive tapes along with variety of other products moving successfully in 21 different countries. Our factory, located in Sharjah, is equipped with latest machinery and excellent printingfacilities for precession and brilliance. It can produce large quantity as well as quality Acetoxy & Acrylic based Sealant, capable of Polyme

Products/Services : Bopp Tape, Masking Tape, Silicone Sealants, Spray Paints, Epoxy S & Glues & Many Other Products

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